Why should you have a custom website?

By Samuel Isaacs on 14 April, 2024

When you are starting out or thinking about improving your digital presence, it can be pretty easy to overlook your website.

Websites are the digital hubs of your business. They are super important for your businesses marketing and messaging. Another way is to think about it, is like a shop window. When you are walking down the high street looking to buy something, the shop window is the first impression for that particular business.

Let's say the high street that we are visiting is filled with the same shops with exactly the same shop windows. This is boring. There is nothing that sets apart these establishments. The layout of each stores internals is predictable. You know what it is going to look like inside. You know what they are going to sell, and you know, based on previous experience, that the customer service is dreadful.

Template Street

This high street is called: Template Street, and it is made up of website builders, WordPress and other theme based websites. You see many websites are built using WordPress, an online application that works off of a theme and a blog. By having a website using these technologies you become like one of the shops on Template Street. Boring, predictable and a terrible customer experience.

Luckily, you can do something about this. Let's paint the picture of an alternative high street in a different city: Sisa Street.

Sisa Street
On Sisa Street every shop is completely different. The shop windows are enticing, entertaining and beautifully crafted. The internals of the store are uniquely put together to enhance the customer experience. The buying process is hand-made to make buying from this shop fun. Everything is custom.

Sisa Street is made-up of custom websites, coded by hand and designed to fit the needs of each individual business, this is the place to shop and aspire too.

Custom websites are powerful. They are literally crafted based on the needs and type of your business, along with your future goals and objectives. With websites as important as they are, the best way to ensure success is to go down the custom route.

But how do you get a custom website?
If you are looking to create something bespoke and that is crafted to meet your needs, then you need to work with an agency / freelancer that can develop a custom website for you. Or you could do the research to learn how to create your own custom website.

In my book, How to: Make Your Business Digital, I discuss the things you need to get started with custom websites, along with some other marketing tips and guidance.

I really appreciated the section on failure, a whole new perspecitve!
- Josh, Canada
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