The Power of using LinkedIn to target customers.

By Samuel Isaacs on 31 March, 2024

In this ever digital focused world, digital marketing is now an important part of every businesses strategy. So, how can you get results in the B2B world?

In 2002, Mountain View, California, a small idea for a website popped into the minds of a few business people. Wouldn't it be a great idea if there was an online professional community for people to connect with one another? With this vision, LinkedIn was formed. Fast forward to 2022, and LinkedIn now operates in 200+ countries and has a total of 810 million users.

With this amount of people using the platform, LinkedIn is now a great place to run advertisements to promote your business / product. Let's discover how we can do it.

LinkedIn Accounts

It goes without saying that if you are in business, LinkedIn is a great online network to be a part of. Not only are there many job opportunities hosted on the platform, but there are also millions of people that you can connect with on the platform too. There are also great opportunities to sell to other people on the platform too, and although we all despise the annoying sales messages on the platform, there are some awesome solutions that are marketed effectively on the platform. Having a LinkedIn account is a great way to network with new people, so deffo try it out!

LinkedIn Company Pages
Once you have an account on the platform, there is an option to create a company page. LinkedIn company pages are similar to Facebook Pages. They allow your business to be featured on the platform, post content, post jobs and act as a place for employees to associate themselves with. Even if you do not sell to businesses directly, having a company page is almost essential for the growth and development of your business, mainly because there is a lot of talent on the platform that might apply for a future position at your company.

Once you have a page set up you can now post on behalf of your company. This will enable you to build an audience for your brand on LinkedIn. Company page posts are organic in nature, so they will only be seen by people that follow your company page, or by connections of people that react or share the content onto their own feeds.

What about hashtags?
Hashtags are a part of internet history, when the fanfare around social media began hashtags were used to get content into the social media search engines. This was because the search engines were not advanced enough to search the content of each post. So hashtags became a valuable way to increase the visibility of your posts. Fast forward to today and social media websites are now super advanced, the algorithms that power them are so advanced that hashtags are no longer needed, not just on LinkedIn - all social media sites. This change has negatively effected organic social media, because you can no longer add a hashtag to a post and see any noticeable effect.

This may have you asking, well how do we reach new people on LinkedIn then?

Paid ads
The best and most successful way to reach new people on LinkedIn is by running paid ads. Paid advertisements on LinkedIn are very advanced and very targeted. You can target people based on their job titles, industries, the pages that they follow and much more! This level of targeting makes it really easy to reach the correct people for your brand. Let's say you make some software for plumbers and you want to get some more demos booked with plumbing companies. You can target people that have their job title listed as plumber on their LinkedIn account. This is super targeted.

Once you have the targeting sorted, the next step is to create some engaging copy that will make the plumbers click to learn more about the software. This is essential. Most businesses try to run ads on their own with minimal success. If I run an ad to the correct demographic for my business, but my copy is naff (not very good), then the likelihood of them actually clicking through and registering to see a demo is slim. The targeting is easy, but the conversion is difficult.

So, how do we create awesome copy?
If you are looking to do this yourself, research and experience are the too main areas that will help you. The only downside to this is that it takes time to actually learn how to write effective copy that converts. But if that is not a barrier then keep going.

I really appreciated the section on failure, a whole new perspecitve!
- Josh, Canada
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